A single obsession: respect for the human body

A sustainable sourcing

We directly source our ingredients from the producers. This allows a better control of the raw materials quality and guarantee sustainable commercial relationship. We do not use rare or protected species to promote diversity and thus protect species from overexploitation. Mother Nature is offering us such treasures, that there is always a vegetal material widely available to address our needs, sometimes very uncommon, but always very efficient.

All products contain a very high percentage of organic grown plants, well beyond the most famous standards requirements.

Products that are 100%

C.LAVIE products respect all kinds of skin, even the most sensitive! While some organic products might give you rashes, due to their high concentration of natural ingredients (yes, plants are effective!), C.LAVIE products will not cause any side effects. The latter have been created with the objective of 100% dermo-respect and 100% effectiveness.

A brand
100% transparent

C.LAVIE is a profoundly human brand.
And it is in this same way that the brand conveys the complete list of ingredients for each of its products.

Member of the PETA organization

C.LAVIE is a member of the PETA organization. None of our products or ingredients are tested on animals.

Eco-cert certified

All C.LAVIE products are Eco-cert certified and undergo several phases of testing, thus allowing control over the naturalness of its products. A long process that permits the brand to be constantly searching to improve its formulas!

Did you know? Even the hyaluronic acid present in the C.LAVIE serum is 100% natural and biomimetic, and it is recognized as the most effective natural hydrator for skin and approved by Eco-cert.