C.Lavie is the simple story of a cosmetics enthusiast who ultimately chose to create her own cosmetic line.
Green, clean, with soul.

Life leads to the obvious

Sylvia bought cosmetics, lots of cosmetics, for pleasure, for passion.

Premium creams like more accessible skincare, anti-aging like moisturizing and scented formulas. But often the same disappointment. Her hyper-sensitive skin ended after a few days developing redness and irritation, even eczema.

She then decided to understand the labels, to puzzle out the INCI lists, to analyze the components one by one.

She understood then that her skin refused chemistry.

C.Lavie is born in a kitchen

Many Silicon Valley start-ups have emerged in garages, C.Lavie was born in a kitchen having a view on organic fields.

With her knowledge, Sylvia chose to experiment, learn, formulate. Far from playing the apprentice chemist, she returned to simple, effective, natural ingredients:

vegetable oils, floral waters, nut butters…

C.Lavie respects life. The plant, like the skin, is alive. Both deserve the same respect, the same love.

Skincare made with the heart

From one thing to another, from stem to petals you could say, Sylvia has created C.Lavie, a committed skincare brand that has a simple credo: clean, green, with soul.

First launched in the United States, C.Lavie is launching today in France.

C.Lavie made simple, yet essential choices:

  • All products are based on floral waters, as their virtues are powerful and beneficial
  • All active ingredients are extracted by an exclusive process: eco-extraction
  • All formulas are made for all women, even pregnant ones

“Not everything is created equal”