C.Lavie has a strong but above all sincere, course of action.

C.Lavie values biodiversity and cultivates its own organic fields. Thanks to its eco-extraction process, C.Lavie restores in its care all the richness of plants, without mess.

C.Lavie offers perfectly respectful and 100% active formulas. Without essential oils, the treatments are intended for everyone, including pregnant women.

C.Lavie builds long lasting human links with all of its partners and favors short production chains.

C.Lavie applies a rigorous formulation charter

In C.Lavie skincare,

Flower and fruit waters
Vegetal oils
Natural scents
Vegetable hyaluronic acid
Natural antioxidants
Natural pigments
Native aloe vera gel

Methylisothiazolinone (MIT)
Artificial colors
Artificial fragrances
Mineral oils
EDTA and other synthetic chelating agents
PEG and all substances derived from ethylene oxide
Nano particles

The plant, like the skin, is alive.

Both deserve the same respect, the same love.

C.Lavie intimately knows plants, their diversity, their power too, their unique ability to help us take care of the skin, of all skin types.

C.Lavie made simple, yet essential choices:

  • All products are based on floral waters, as their virtues are powerful and beneficial
  • All assets are extracted by an exclusive process: eco-extraction
  • All formulas are made for all women, even pregnant ones

“Not everything is created equal”

A safe and true beauty

The plants that go into the composition of C.Lavie have retained all their virtues. They remain authentic even in their bottle.

  • 100% natural and certified organic formulas
  • all the products are based on floral water, as their virtues are powerful and beneficial
  • Eco-extraction: Use of 0 chemistry active ingredients, from 100% clean manufacturing processes, clinically tested for their effectiveness, all sourced in France.
  • vegan
  • Fair remuneration for producers: illustration by our elixir project, where we are working with a Colombian partner on the conversion of farmers to products with high added value.
  • Protection of biodiversity: we do not use materials from protected species (rosewood, white sandalwood, etc.), nor palm oil.
  • We support regional economic development and work with companies from our region or from France,
  • Agricultural project with local actors and the urban community funded at 30% by C.LAVIE
  • Project of accessories conducted with a french partner based in the department of Aude

Eco-cert and PETA certified

All C.LAVIE products are Eco-cert certified and undergo several phases of testing, thus allowing control over the naturalness of its products. A long process that permits the brand to be constantly searching to improve its formulas!

Did you know? Even the hyaluronic acid present in the C.LAVIE serum is 100% natural and biomimetic, and it is recognized as the most effective natural hydrator for skin and approved by Eco-cert.

C. LAVIE is a member of the PETA organization,
none of our products or ingredients are subject to
animal testing.