In 2019, Beauty has entered the BORN selection and C.LAVIE is part of the selection.

Born carefully selects the eligible brands under the following criteria:

  • Integrity
  • Desirability
  • Functionality

C.LAVIE concept was found to meet all requirements for:

  • Strong brand engagement in end to end process control from field to bottle.
  • Brand design
  • Skincare efficacy through ecological high-tech development

This is the reason why we are so proud at C.LAVIE to have won the French 2019 Beauty special prize award


C.LAVIE products in the US !

Thank to OuiPlease, the subscription box that brings you the best of France every month, C.LAVIE lands in the US !

In their Oui Blog, Oui Please deals with our Brightening Serum .21 (The Specific Collection) and how it naturally aims at illuminating our summer skin… The perfect complexion of a “French Mademoiselle” 😉  Thank you so much Oui Please !!!


Our discovery workshop

We have created a special « vegetal oil discovery » workshop for you!

During the Alternative Beauty show (16th, 17th, 18th, June 2016), you will discover, touch and smell our ten crude vegetal oils extracted from hemp, avocado, camelina, tomato, rose hip, date palm, jojoba, rice, plum or tamanu oil … 

Made of unique textures, colors and smells, these oils are exceptional and disinguish themselves by their precious attributes and effects for the skin.

These oils are excellent to be used daily…


Many thanks to MakeMyBeauty for writing an article about C.LAVIE in her blog today !

Nelly has pointed out the effectiveness of C.LAVIE’s products and the passion Sylvia always put in their creation.

Her stylish pen is always full of positiveness… She undoubtedly is a beauty blogger full of talent ! 🙂