Our unique know-how : the eco-extraction

from the plant to the bottle

From plant to bottle

The plants, made of natural actives, are containing hundreds of different molecules with multiple actions. To benefit from these actives, we need to extract them. New processes called « eco-extraction » methods are based on the properties of fluids like water, oil, or CO2, but also of ultra-sounds or of micro-waves. Our innovation resides in the way we extract concentrated actives preserving their structure. This technic offers an optimal efficiency without losing any precious components. An ecological process with no toxic releases into the environment

A constant search for
natural and effective substances

C.LAVIE is constantly searching for new substances and natural ingredients. Its main ambition is to find a natural solution for every element that makes up its products. Thus, the brand roams the earth in search of new plants.  Its latest discovery? Genomic and organic pigments made with ground grains from Brazil, enabling an anti-UV effect that protects the skin, and allowing you to find a natural tint for your complexion!


Mineral oils  Silicones

PEG and all produced substances  with ethylene oxide

BHT and BHA  Synthetic dyes

Synthetic fragrances

Preservatives such as parabens,

phenoxyethanol,   Methylisothiazolinone (MIT)

EDTA and other agents  synthetic chelators

The nano particles